The Music Therapist in the Magic Garden


Edith S. Hitchen, Certified Music Therapist, M.A. MT-BC;CMT



A classically trained pianist, piano pedagogue, music educator and a teacher of Special Education in New York City, I am also Certified Music Therapist, certified by the AAMT and the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT). In all the various aspects of my music career, I found the practice of Music Therapy most fulfilling, satisfying and rewarding.


My mission is to share and fully utilize my talent, training and experience in one of the most magical and transformatory experience in the field of music which is MUSIC THERAPY.


At present, I work with medically fragile and psychiatric children at Bronx Lebanon Hospital Hospital Center, in the Hospital Schools department of the New York City Dept. of Education, New York City, USA. I am also working on a book which you can read more about here.


I am trained in the Nordoff-Robbins Clinical Improvisation Techniques in Music Therapy and have worked with children with various disabilities for 30 years in New York City, USA. My mentor Clive Robbins wrote a citation about my work which you will read here.


Clive Robbins was a developer of an influential brand of music therapy designed to help people with various disabilities meet the physical, mental and social challenges that are facts of everyday life. You can read more about him here in this New York Times article.